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Planet Group is an engineering and financial consulting company in energy and general business management. It was founded in 2011, since then we had the opportunity to participate in and assist hundreds of successful investments/developments throughout Hungary. Our main activity is elaborating projects including the technical and financial analyses and calculations. We assist our clients in drawing up their business plan, feasibility study, architectural and technical design, and project proposal for EU grants and subsidies. To help our clients finance their projects, we may offer our local and international connections with several investors and banks. Our experts have unique experience and references in renewable energy and energy efficiency, environmental protection, tourism development, research and development, innovation and business development.

Members of the group provide seperate but complementary services in the preparation and handling of infrastructural and tourism-development projects in order to deliver a comprehensive solution for our customers from the elaboration of the project until it’s physical implementation.

Our mission is to supply an objective expert background for our partners, to lay a proper foundation for a cost-efficient project implementation, with excellent technical and professional content and as a result enable reaching the appointed goals.



Planet Energy Ltd.

is focused on energy modernization of buildings, technical preperation of investments related to renewable energy utilization, besides providing objective energy engineering consultancy:

  • Energy performance analyses of buildings, preparation of building energy performance certification
  • Preparation of technical documentation for energy projects
  • Architectural and technical design
  • Energy specialist services
  • Development of energy efficiency action plans
  • Corporation energy audit

Planet Consulting Ltd.

offers comprehensive project development solutions, likewise consultancy services in project management and business conduct. Our professionals have expertise in numerous fields, for instance tourism and infrastructural development, human resources, enterprise development, organisation of trainings.

Preparation of complex proposals for:

  • Hungarian and EU grants and subsidies
  • Development of feasibility studies and business plans
  • Counsel on Hungarian public procurement
  • Performing project coordination and management tasks throughout the development
  • Carry out marketing and communication services

Planet Concept Ltd.

prepares different types of complex architectural plans, as well as offers objective engineer counsel to provide support throughout the processes of planning and physical implementation, giving reliable quality assurance along the following services:

  • Architectural planning
  • Preperation of licensed plans
  • Preperation of export plan
  • Preparation of structural design plans
  • Creation of expert reports (related to energy, structure, accessibility, fire protection etc.)
  • Creation of budget
  • Plan consulting
  • Plan supervision
  • Technical project management
  • Carry out construction foreman duties
  • Technical supervision
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