Planet Concept Ltd.

Planet Concept Ltd. carries out comprehensive architectural design of various types of buildings (from preliminary drawings, through licensed plans, until the completion of final drawings for implementaion) involving professional design engineers from diverse fields (such as: sturctural, mechanical, electrical, energy, utility, road, accessibility engineering, landscape architecture, fire protection, interior design, etc.)

Besides our design services, we provide complex engineering consultancy, by the quality assurance of the planning process (plan consulting, design supervision), furthermore by supporting the construction process (technical project management, construction foreman duties, technical inspection). This way we can grant that our customers’ interests are being asserted thoroughly from the early stages of planning until the completion of the construction.

Our aim is the creation of first rate plans that not only satisfy the concerning requirements but also meet all our clients’ expectations while fulfilling the buildings’ intended functions, applying innovative technical solutions and resulting in cost-efficient implementation as well as enabling energy efficient operation.

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